Kinetic Affect Marketing is a leading Canadian interactive marketing company that utilizes its permission based digital marketing system which can turn a single point of contact into a personal long-term customer relationship. The proprietary software suite and methodology are used to design, build, implement and optimize strategic interactive marketing programs that acquire, convert and retain customers.

The challenge facing sponsors has always been to maximize the impact of their sponsorships upon their potential customer base — in other words, to squeeze the biggest bang for the buck out of every dollar spent on events. How is the success of a sponsorship measured? How is a connection with potential customers made and capitalized upon? How can companies be sure that the returns on a sponsorship's investment justify its cost? The answer is a next generation digital marketing platform called Kinetic Affect Marketing.

Kinetic Affect Marketing is a set of services that helps companies get incremental customers at a lower cost and faster rate than was previously possible. Sponsors have this tremendous opportunity to connect with customers at an event. Kinetic Affect Marketing is about using this asset in new ways to increase the intensity of the connection. Using photo and video media, the Kinetic Affect Marketing solution captures customer experiences at events, be it taking team or action photos at a hockey event or softball tournament, or videotaping an amateur's golf swing on a signature hole at a pro-am. This media is then used to complement traditional promotional methods, and in direct marketing campaigns designed to draw targeted website traffic from prospective clients.

When sponsors use this technology, they are building an actual, live sponsorship. This is not about just putting your name on a billboard for six hours — it's about starting a meaningful relationship with customers. In their direct marketing campaigns, Kinetic Affect Marketing is reporting unheard of response rates in the seventy to ninety percent range.

For local or regional companies sponsoring events, using the Kinetic Affect Marketing technology to build customer relationships can literally make the difference between profitability and loss. If you are going to advertise, why wouldn't you want to have an effective direct marketing campaign with measurable results to add to your arsenal? This is a time when everyone is closely scrutinizing their return on investment. This is a way to give sponsors an actual, measurable return on investment.

High cost, low target ability, and a lack of measurable return on investment are the traditional drawbacks of mass media advertising like radio and magazines, while traditional direct marketing is known for its abysmal response rates. And while the Internet has offered ways to advertise less-expensively, it is difficult to reach consumers without their permission. Kinetic Affect Marketing's great strength is that it creates a solution for obtaining customer permission and connecting with them to create a relationship. It then provides the tools to follow-up with targeted emails, all while delivering content that enhances the consumer experience.