At your event, Kinetic Affect Marketing will provide the following functions:

  • Meet and greet each participant and give recognition to the sponsor's role and what we are doing
  • Gather each individual's name and email address, set expectation of email web link
  • Provide the ability for each participant to view their images on the web
  • Design an email template specific to your sponsor's event that all participants will receive to advise them when their individual images are ready to be viewed
  • Design a web site specific to your event, where all participants will view their images
  • Email each participant from an event to advise when a new image is ready to be viewed
  • Each email will have a link to that individual's private and unique website
  • Provide the event manager access to the Kinetic Affect Marketing online reporting site that tracks all web activity generated by the event
  • Data collected is on behalf of your golf event and managed by Kinetic Affect Marketing