Proven Sponsor Recognition

  • Kinetic Affect Marketing is a leader in email and internet recognition for sponsors. We help event managers to design and deliver online marketing programs that interact with participants that have attended their event. In the past, event managers have had a difficult time giving their sponsors a measurable return on their event investment.

A Fresh Approach to Connect with Today's Participants

  • Event, Email and the Internet — Permission based emails are sent to each participant with links to their private and unique website. The email and website is designed to your specifications with your call to action
  • Measurable Results — Kinetic Affect Marketing practices are accountable and are designed to drive measurable business results. Marketing outcomes should generate new awareness, new business and new connections from participations at your event
  • More Cost Effective — Every marketing message your event offers to the world, regardless of the medium, should be measurable in a way that confirms your investment is generating a reasonable benefit for you and your supporters